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Bill Vining
Bill Vining - President, New Millennium Consultants, LLC - Head Only ...NAME: G. William Vining
TITLE: President, New Millennium Consultants, LLC

Thirty-five years of business experience in service businesses, manufacturing and government. Bill’s career spanned an era when his Big Five firm grew from less than 200 professionals to a global services firm of several billion annual revenue. In addition to thirty-five years of client service, Bill had an active and important role in many aspects of firm affairs.
The clients he served are organizations in government (Federal, Navy), equipment manufacturing (Honeywell), consumer goods (Proctor and Gamble) and automotive (General Motors) advising in areas of TQM, lean production (Toyota Production System), Demand and Effectiveness Management in many countries around the globe. As a worldwide client services partner Bill lead the consulting teams for a Big Five firm for the then largest corporation in the world - General Motors.
Taking the business issues as the driving factor, understanding the business of the client and driving results to solutions for the client.
His motto is "Stimulating clients to success".
Claus Bandick
Claus Bandick - President, New Millennium Consultants - G - Head Only ...NAME: Claus Bandick
TITLE: President, New Millennium Consultants - G

My speciality is facilitating strategic reorientation and restructuring. I support individuals, management teams, departments, and organisations in the process of change.
Tools: Recognizing the direction, phase of change, and the identity of the client company. Change-models, Planning, Counselling, Coaching, and Moderation.
The focus is on results, success, and performance.
In my work, I integrate business management, educational, and psychological concepts. My key clients have been primarily in upper management.
Gerard Otten
Gerard Otten - President, New Millennium Consultants - NL - Head Only ...NAME: Gerard Otten
TITLE: President, New Millennium Consultants – NL

My specialty is supporting organisations achieve greater output through better aligned, tailored processes. I support teams, board members and individuals in their search for a better work place.
Tools: Establishing or understanding business direction, adaptation of ICT and business architectures, planning and executions of improvement projects, project and program management. The focus is on wellbeing, satisfied production and collegial fit.
I integrate need for understanding with direction for success at executive and management levels in my client’s organisations in financial services, telecoms, non-profit, government, and industry. My motto: "Support, difference and affection".

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