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Frank Kretzschmar

Frank is the founder Stepwide Management. Between MC Works BV and Stepwise Management exists a strategic partnership for Organisational Development projects.Frank KRETZSCHMAR

Stepwise Management supports organisations and their executive staff in striving for success. The growing complexity and dynamics of today’s global market make planning processes more and more difficult and this constitutes a major challenge for companies.

Sudden and radical changes no longer are the exception but have come to be the rule. The ability to react quickly, flexibly and adequately is of vital importance. For this reason, our consultancy acts as a mentor, guiding organisations through change, and nurturing the sustainable survival capability of teams and of companies.

The goal of our work is to help our clients remain successful in the midst of continuous and abrupt changes… and in spite of unanticipated developments. This involves a great deal more than classic change management. We focus on targeted preparation for, and adequate response to, change. Stepwise Management is your preferred partner when it comes to using the opportunities and the growth potential offered by change.

Tom van der Geest

   Tom van der Geest

Tom van der Geest is an experienced management consultant focusing on retail banking and specialized in mortgages.

Tom is the director of Hypsotech Management Consultancy. He has demonstrated management qualities and this combined with extensive experience and deep knowledge in the financial services sector form a basis for projects in areas of strategy, organisation and technology in The Netherlands and abroad. Tom is an independent management consultant and entrepreneur working in a pragmatic and result oriented manner.

Meindert Boorsma

  Meindert Boorsma

Meindert Boorsma is partner and managing consultant with intelligence for business supporting companies to implement their strategies and gain full benefit of defined plans, thus reaching their company goals.

Meindert has 15 years of experience in program management, acquisition management, business management, business solutions development, business solutions implementation, project management, consultancy, marketing, sales and business development, mainly in supply chain management related industries on director level. Before starting as a partner and management consultant he worked 8 years for IBM as solutions and logistics management executive.

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