Publications and Memberships - Other Relevant Expertise
Other Relevant Expertise and Honorary Positions

2000 2001 ISACA NL Chapter – Board Member Secretariat and VP for Standards & Research
Gerard joined the chapter board to help restructure its organisation and improve its operational efficiency. The bylaws have been changed to reflect the new approach and the strategy for the years 2001-2003 is being written. The OFFICE is transformed to a virtual unit predominantly contactable via electronic means.

1996-2000 DTCG European Service Line Leader for Client Server Solutions
Gerard was chosen to run the European Specialty (Service Line) of Client Server Solutions [CSS] for the Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group.
This task includes the ensuring that the practitioners in CSS are well trained, that proposals are being developed following the DTCG standards of engagement and that projects really deliver value for the customer and DTCG.

1995-1996 JM&Co European Operations Committee member
Gerard was invited to become member of the James Martin & Co. European Operations Committee. His role on this committee was to represent the Dutch JM&Co organisation but furthermore to contribute to the professional issues of running a high quality consultancy.

1977-1996 Databaseclub NGI - chairman
During this period active membership and participation in many subgroups on specific topics aimed at publication of research results and working life experience. For several years Gerard has been the chairman of this professional body.

1991-1999 Association of Informatics Professionals (VRI) - Board member
Gerard is a member of the VRI Board, an organisation comparable to the British Computer Society (BCS) in coordinating professional development and quality monitoring of informatics professionals. In his portfolio are the activities relating to: CEPIS (Council for the European Professional Informatics Societies) in which Gerard is currently the VRI representative, Infocus 2000 (redefining the IT profession for the future and co-ordinating this with professional education (HBO) and independent examination bodies (like EXIN), regional quality circles, publication of a policy document of the VRI on ISO standards, monitoring and participating in the CEPIS Task Force on Professional Development and Qualifications.

1991-1994 British Computer Society - committee member Dutch Section
Gerard is a member of the BCS/Netherlands board. The Netherlands section of the BCS coordinates activities for members of the BCS located in the Netherlands.

1980-1994 ISO/IEC/SC21/WG3 - Dutch delegate
Gerard has represented Dutch interests in database related topics at meetings of the International Standards Organization in the areas of database Languages (NDL, SQL), Information Resource Dictionary System (IRDS), Remote Data Access (RDA) and the emerging Reference Model of Data Management (for which Gerard was for many years the Editor-in-Chief).

1989-1993 European University - professor
Co-responsible for setting up the faculty to train and educate student to a master of science in information systems (MIS). This programme of 2 years is intended to enable business managers to obtain a postgraduate education in information systems. In this position Gerard also lectures 2 modules on IS/IT issues in the MBA programme.

1986-1989 CWI Advisory Board
In 1985, Gerard was invited to participate in the advisory board of the CWI (Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica - Center for Mathematics and Informatics). This board reviews and recommends research programmes for the research staff in this center reporting to the Ministry of Economic Affairs which is the funding authority.

1986-1989 15th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases 1989 - member of the programme committee
Co-responsible for the organization of the VLDB conference to be held in Amsterdam in 1989. This international conference is a place for the exchange of new ideas on datase design and database research at which 540 attendees attended with multiple streams and 50 research papers presented.

1983-1988 Commission of the European Communities
In 1983 Gerard was invited to participate in the evaluation board of the Commission of the European Communities. This board defined the scope of the Multi Annual Programme on "transnational databases" (August-November 1983), and subsequently evaluated requests for funding (October -November 1985) and finally monitors progress of accepted projects (1986-1988).

1985-1987 Ministry of Education - external examiner
In 1985 Gerard was invited and appointed by the Ministry of Education as an external examiner for IS/IT related examinations for candidates studying for qualifications equivalent to a part-time degree.

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