Publications and Memberships - Membership
Membership (past and current):
  • ISO/IEC JTC1/SC21/WG3 on Database Standards for Open Systems - Editor of the Reference Model of Database Management. Status – stopped.
  • ISO TC176/SC2/WG5 on Quality Assurance Standards for Information Technology. Status – stopped.
  • Member from  1976 until 1996 of the Database Club of the Nederlands Genootschap voor Informatica [NGI]. Chairman for several years. Status – stopped.
  • Voting Full Member of the ACM under # 2287423 – held this membership since 1982. Status – stopped.
  • Balloted member of the VRI under # 2053 since 15th June 1990. VRI means Vereniging van Register Informatici, Association of Registered Informaticians (RI). Board member for Quality and International Liaisons, Chairman of Quality Group, member of Infocus 2000, Responsible for European Drivers License, Organiser of VRI Quality IT Price, Responsible for VRI Quality Circles, CEPIS relationship, Professional Development. Status – stopped.
  • Balloted and accepted as "Member of the British Computer Society" under # M08428763 since 4th October 1990. Since 11th July 1992 "Fellow of the BCS" (FBCS). Status – active.
  • Board Member of the British Computer Society – Netherlands Section. Status – stopped.
  • Member of the NGGO "Forum on Methods". Status – stopped.
  • Passed in 1995 the examination by KDI/Berenschot Batalas for Lead Auditor External Audit for ISO-9000.
  • Passed in 1996 the CISA examination (Certified Information Systems Auditor) and awarded CISA-certification status on 7th September 1996 under number 9616513.
  • Board member of the ISACA NL Chapter with secretariat as well as standards and research in his portfolio. Status – stopped.
  • Member of VUSIE of the VU reflecting the completion of the post doctorate study for MMC (Master of Management Consultancy).
Academic Lecturing Experience
  • Several Lectures at Free University Amsterdam, the Technical University Twente, Hawthorne University Melbourne and the CWI (Centre for Mathematics and Informatics).
  • For several years a professor in Information Technology at the European University for the MBA and MIS programmes in The Hague. Awarded a honorary doctorate at the European University in Sion - Switzerland. 
  • Several Lectures at the Business University Enschede (HEAO and HIO).
Publications - more...
  • 70 plus articles and book reviews in professional magazines.
  • 20 plus interviews in national IT press.
  • 45 plus invited lectures at (inter-) national conferences.
  • Books:
  • S.J. Cannan, G.A.M. Otten: "SQL - The Standard Handbook" a reference handbook on the 1992 SQL (version 2) international standard, Samsom (for the Dutch version) & at Mc Graw-Hill (for the English version), 630 pp, 1992.

  • Editor-in-chief of the book of Dr. R.R. van Oirsouw c.s. "Informatie Economie", Academic Service, 1993.

  • Eduard von Saher, Gerard Otten, Clement van Dijk: "Werken met de Balanced Score Card",. Kluwer, 2001, ISBN 90 312 2080 9.

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