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1976: Member of the Database Club which later joined the Nederlands Genootschap voor Informatica [NGI].

1982: Voting Full Member of the ACM under # 2287423 - held this membership since 1982.

1989: Appointed as full professor of the European University for the degrees of Master of Information Systems and Master of Business Administration, after a period of associate professorship starting in 1989.

1990: Balloted member of the VRI under # 2053 since 15th June 1990. VRI means Vereniging van Register Informatici in Dutch and in English "The Netherlands Association of Registered Informatics Specialists".

1990: Applied as balloted and accepted "Member of the British Computer Society" (MBCS) under # M08428763 since 4th October 1990.

1990: Awarded an honorary doctorate of the European University on the 12th November 1990 with all rights and privileges thereunto pertaining.

1992: Awarded the title "Fellow of the BCS" in short FBCS with the British Computer Society under # M08428763 on 11th July 1992.

1995: Passed the exam in July 1995 for Lead Auditor External Audit Team by KDI and Berenschot-Batalas.

1996: Awarded on 7th September 1996 by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association the title "Certified Information Systems Auditor" in short CISA under number 9616513.

2002: Awarded on 21th November 2002 by the Free University Amsterdam the title "Master of Management Consulting" in short MMC to signify the successful completion of the 2 year post doctorate study Management Consulting.

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