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Invited Papers, Presentations and Lectures

[8003] "Betrouwbaarheid van de database", 26 March 1980, Leeuwarden, NGI -Section Noord Nederland.

[8111] "De architectuur van gegevensopvraagtalen en de mogelijkheden componenten en interfaces te standaardiseren", 20 November1981, Leeuwarden, NGI - Section Noord Nederland.

[8205] "Hulpmiddelen voor de database administrator", 13th May 1982, Jaarbeursgebouw Utrecht, NGI - Section GGV.

[8502] Presentation on the NGI congres on the Micro-Mainframe-Mix: "Data Distributie bij Micro-Mainframe-Connecties".

[8504] Lecture at the Free University of Amsterdam on design decisions in developing very large databases: "De noodzakelijke verwringing van een conceptueel model bij een multi-gigabyte database implementatie", invited by Prof Dr Reind P van de Riet.

[8510] An invited paper on "The effects of certain business triggers on the performance of strategic information systems planning". This paper was presented at the Database Directions Workshop - organized by the US National Bureau of Standards in Ft Lauderdale - and was included in the workshop proceedings.
Working panels were formed on "IRM and the organization", "IRM and MIS in the 1990s", "IRM and the Systems Life Cycle", Technologies for IRM" and "IRM in a Decentralized and Distributed Environment".

[8701] An invited paper on "The influence of data distribution on the systems development life cycle" - EEC conference on Distributed Database Systems in Brussels.

[8804] Keynote address to the Unisys European Users' Association for 700 Unisys users -with simultaneous translation into 5 languages- on "The effect of strategic information systems planning on the organisation and on the IT facilities" - April 1988 Athens.

[8805] Mac World Expo seminar on "Data Base Management developments in a MacIntosh environment" for expo attendees - May 1988 Amsterdam RAI Congress-centre.

[8810] Euroforum conference (180 attendees) on "Van OSI naar ODP!" Presentation on "Het Referentiemodel voor datamanagement in het kader van databasestandaards: RDA, SQL, IRDS" 4 October 1988 Amsterdam Okura Hotel.

[8811] An invited paper on "Approaches for improving productivity by integrating Business Systems Planning and Information Systems Development". This paper was presented at the 5th Information Management Directions Workshop - organized by the US National Bureau of Standards in Ft Lauderdale. The approach was discussed in the workshop and included in the workshop proceedings.
Working panels were formed on "Integrating Knowledge and Data Management", "Integrating Technical and Business Data Management", "Integrating Systems Planning, Developement, and Maintenance Tools for Increased Productivity", "Integrating Distributed, Heterogeneous Computer Environments" and "Architectures and Standards for the 1990s".

[8902] An invited presentation on "De informatie manager: het spanningveld tussen centraal en decentraal informatie management". This invited presentation was part of the NGI day on 23th February 1989 on "Information Management" in the RAI Congres Centrum for 250 attendees.

[8902] Invited by the Hawthorne Institute to present a lecture for professors and students on "Information Strategy Planning - developments in Europe and USA" in Hawthorn / Melbourne, Australia.

[8904] "Aan de slag met SQL!", Euroforum conference (80 attendees) in the ENGELS Conference Centre in Rotterdam on 5th April 1989.

[8906] An invited presentation on "Een datataal in beweging: de evolutie in de standaardisatie van SQL". This invited presentation was part of the NGI/SAI day on 8th June 1989 on "De nieuwe SQL standaard" in the Crest Hotel Antwerpen for 180 attendees.

[8907] An invited presentation on "Methodologies, tools and techniques" in the conference "Zero-Defect Development" organised by Management & Training Services Ltd, London 4-5 July 1989 and 26-27 October 1989, Swallow International Hotel. For an audience of 90 presentations where given by Tom Gilb, Peter Hayes-Davies, Michael Fagan, Cameron Low, Dines Hansen and others.

[9102] Lecture at the Free University of Amsterdam on "Desirability of offering at a University a Business Oriented Study based on Economics, Informatics and Mathematics" invited by Prof Dr Reind P van de Riet.

[9110] Lecture at the 5-year existence of the Management Information Section of the Hogere Economische School at Enschede on "Education and the behaviour of the Information Engineer" in a series under the theme "De mens centraal", invited by Hans Rebergen RI.

[9111] "De Kwaliteit van de Informaticus" for VRI in Castle Echteld, 26th November 1991.

[9202] "Client / Server, Cooperative Processing and Downsizing" for SAI at the Bank Bruxelles Lambert on 20 February 1992. Professor J. Vandenbulcke hosted a meeting of about 80 people. Also Real Software (Macsoft) presented real-life examples of C/S applications.

[9202] Lecture at NGGO meeting of working group "Methods": "Infrastructures in projects" at SERC Utrecht (Software Engineering Research Centre).

[9203] Lecture for Senior Management at the Management Centre of Unisys in St. Paul de Vence (France) from 11-13 March 1992 under the leadership of Bernard Bachman, Senior Vice President of Union Bank of Switserland. My presentation is on "Information - The Key to Reducing Uncertainty". Invited by Bob Richards, European Manager of 4GL environments.

[9203] "Is de dienstverlener certificeerbaar", NCD Op weg naar huis bijeenkomst, 24 maart 1992, ING Bank.

[9205] "Client / Server toepassingen op Data General platforms" on 29th April 1992 for clients and prospects of Data General in Brussels. Invited by Diana Jackson.

[9206] "SQL 2-daagse Conferentie en workshop over de SQL 1992 standaard", Institute for International Research, Amsterdam, Krasnapolski, 3 en 4 juni 1992 met als sprekers: S.J. Cannan, G.A.M. Otten, ir. J.W. van den Beld, Prof.Dr. A.A. Holtgrefe, Jim Melton.

[9207] Lecture for PEMEX (Mexican National Oil company) management conference: "Information - The Key to Reducing Uncertainty" keynote speech for 1200 middle managers and top manager in Mexico. Two further presentations given in parallel sessions on "Information Economics" and "Incremental systems development". Mexico, Villahermosa, 7th - 9th July 1992. Invited by the IT director Mr. C.P.F. Cervantes Flores and the Vice president for Finances Dr. Ernesto Marcos.

[9212] "Downsizing: What is the best strategy", 1992, organised by Computable Seminars.

[9310] "Enterprise Client Server: The Boundary between BRE & Rightsizing", Gerard Otten, keynote address to the 1st Annual SYBASE User Conference, 12th-14th October 1993, Amsterdam, invited by Rob Albers, VP SYBASE Europe and Mark Hoffman, President & CEO of SYBASE.

[9506] "Het effect van informatietechnologie op uw bedrijf in het jaar 2000", Gerard Otten ten kantore van Abeln c.s. Advocaten te Amsterdam in het kader van een NCD Op weg naar huis bijeenkomst.

[9510] "Process Management - A Case Study", Brussels, October 1995, James Martin Institute.

[9510] "Addressing the Issue of Legacy Systems", October 1995, UK Shakespeare Town, UK MSP User Conference.

[9500-9600] "An enterprise solution to the Year 2000 computing problem", this presentation presented at at least the following occasions:

  • Paris: Micro Focus European Tour, October 1995
  • London: Micro Focus European Tour, October 1995
  • Bremen: Micro Focus European Tour, October 1995
  • München: Micro Focus European Tour, October 1995
  • Barcelona: Micro Focus Sales Managers Conference, December 1995
  • Paris: Januari 1996 - James Martin Institute
  • Vienna: 17th September 1996, Institute for International Research

[9510] "Business Re-engineering - a real life project", Theo Brekelmans en Gerard Otten, Erasmus University Rotterdam, October 1995.

[9511] "Addressing the Issue of Legacy Systems", November 1995, Hamburg, German MSP User Conference.

[9603] "An enterprise-wide approach to solving the Year 2000 crisis", Microfocus Belgium, Brussels, 28th March 1996.

[9604] "Business Reengineering - een praktijksituatie", Theo Brekelmans - commissaris van politie te Rotterdam en Gerard Otten, kasteelbijeenkomstg VRI op kasteel Echteld, April 1996.

[9607] Chairman of the conference on "Data Warehousing and Data Mining" in the RAI in Amsterdam for Syllogic and Automatiseringsgids.

[9609] "Stufenweise Vorgangsweise einschließlich der Analyse und Evaluierung der prognostizierten und reelen Summen", Institute for International Research, Conference Vienna 16th/17th September 1996 on "IT-Challenge: Year 2000 - Datumsumstellung im Jahr 2000".

[9609] "The Professional Development Scheme (BCS)" Gerard Otten, 24 september 1996, kasteelbijeenkomst VRI op kasteel Echteld.

[9610] "Banking Trends in Europe and the Impact on Information Systems" Gerard Otten, 30-31 october 1996, First European Total Framework Alliance Partner Conference of the CINCOM Advanced Technology Group, Swiss Hotel, Amsterdam.

[9702] "Focus 2000 - De mens op de geautomatiseerde werkplek", A conference in two locations (Eindhoven and Enschede) coupled by a video-link on Friday 21 February 1997, I was invited to chair the conference for the day, organisation by Automatiserings Gids.

[9709] "Year 2000 experiences", A presentation at the ABT Y2000 Survival Course for Project Executives - "A road map to the year 2000", Amsterdam Hilton Hotel, 22nd-24th September 1997.

[9710] "Klantencontact en dienstverlening opgezet langs nieuwe banen", A conference on the distribution of the financial services by Euroforum, 8th and 9th october 1997, Amsterdam Hilton Hotel.

[9710] "Actuele ontwikkelingen bij pensioenfondsen", A conference by Euroforum, 22nd october 1997.

[9712] "Project Leadership Conference - Year 2000 Virtual Program Office", Paris, ABT.

[9802] "Los Angelos "Global Client Server Solution Meeting", 24/02/1998.

[9805] "Deloitte wil géén 2000-klanten! We kunnen geen zekerheid bieden", Gerard Otten, Busitin, Amsterdam, Mei 1998, Jr 2, nr 4.

[9806] "Met D&T het jaar 2000 in", Medewerkersdagen Veldhoven 05-06/06/1998.

[9806] "Sales Process Transformation", Bath 03-05/06/1998.

[9806] "Project Leadership Conference - Virtual Program Office", 15-17/06/1998, San Francisco, ABT.

[9811] "Project Leadership Conference - Planning to avoid Risk", 23-25/11/1998, Paris, ABT.

[2001] "Alle klanten een stap voor! Hoe realiseert u dat?, Gerard Otten &  Frank Doorenbos, 27 Maart  2001, Nederlands Congrescentrum Den Haag, Nederlandse Dealer Associatie.
[2001] "A step ahead for all clients! How to realise that?, 
Gerard Otten &  Frank Doorenbos, 27 March  2001, Dutch  Congrescentre The Hague, Dutch Dealer Association. 

[2001] "IT & Banking – IBM Business Innovation Services", Gerard Otten, 15/16 November 2001, pp 8.

[2003] "Jaarmarkt Ooa 2003", Estate The Reehorst, Driebergen, Gerard Otten participated in a Lagerhuis debate, Friday 13th June 2003.

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