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Education & Training

HEAO-BE diploma with the two specialities (Operations Research and Information Processing). HEAO is equivalent to a university BSc level in Economy, Administration and Organisation. Full time study period - 1970-1973

HIO certificate: completed equivalent of two years of study. The HIO is a study at least on a par with the UK polytechnic specialised in computing science. Part time study period - 1971-1973

NIVRA: completed four years of part time study for Chartered Accounting. Part time study period - 1972-1977

Unisys: Almost all courses in 1100-series computers, 90-series computers and V77-series computers - 1975-1980.

Time Management International: Time Management - 1981.

Synectics: "Problem solving & open communication" - July 1987.

Frost & Sullivan in London: Course "Transforming Leadership" by John Nichols - May 1988.

Deltacom: "PRISM - People/Resources/Information/Strategic Management" by Ivan T George - August 1988.

EKSA - Eric Krauthammer SA: Training "Leiding geven en motiveren" Inter-bedrijfstraining TOP MANAGEMENT by Ron J C Weil of EKSA - Jan/Sep 1989.

Nederlands Centrum van Directeuren en Commissarissen: "Maak uw eigen ondernemingsplan" by Drs Johan C B Bontje of Boer & Croon Organisatie-adviseurs bv - February 1990.

Nederlands Centrum van Directeuren en Commissarissen: "Directeur en kwaliteitsmanagement" by Mr L A F M Kerklaan and Dr W F G Mastenbroek of Holland Consulting Group - March 1990.

Van Kessel & Partners: "Effective Interviewing Skills" - May 1991 by Dietske van Kessel.

Berenschot Batalas "External Lead Auditor Extern Auditteam ISO9000", 3rd-7th July 1995, KDI course LAC033A.

Workshop "De vitale leider", 7th September 1995, NCD, Huis Ter Duin, Noordwijk.

DTCG: "Service Line - Vision for Networking", October 1996, by Fred Hart, Ton Klappe, Mack Schwing, Bath - UK.

DTCG: "Service Line - Value Solutions, 28th-30th October 1996 by Brent Wortman, Michel Gosselin, Waterloo - Belgium.

DTCG: "Training for Results - Adults Learning and Teaching", 05-07/08/1997, by Betsy Hoff and Candy Haynes, Atlanta - Georgia USA.

DTCG: "Value Print -- An Approach to Business Case Development", 3rd March 1998 by Mark Schloegel, Zaventem, Belgium.

ISACA: "MS Windows 2000 security training", 22nd – 26th May 2000, Noordwijk.

Free University – Controllers Institute: "Balanced Scorecard – experiences for success" by KPMG Consulting, 19th & 26th April 2001, Amterdam.

IBM: "IBM Leadership Models -- Strengthening Leadership at IBM", Amsterdam-London, July - December 2001.

IBM: "Executive Insight Program", IBM Headquarters, Armonk, 25-30 November 2001.

IBM: "Executive Sales -- Leading Account Teams", Zoetermeer, November 2001.

IBM: "Certificate for IBM Project Management", eTraining, December 2001.

IBM: "A development model for general managers in IBM", October - December 2001.

IBM: "SHAPE - Steering Human Achievements & Purpose Effectuation", Amsterdam, September 2001 - May 2002.

Executive Discovery: "Lego Serious Play - Real Time Strategy & Real Time Identity Workshop Facilitation", 30th June to 3rd July 2003, Billund - Denmark.

CapGemini University: "Leadershiptraining Interim Management" Curriculum on "Change & Intervention Management" in the period 25 november 2007 until 20 february 2008 - Les Fontaines - France.

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