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Regaining the Formula and Taking Advantage through Change
Organisations have misaligned themselves because of external market challenges or through inadequate internal guidance, control and self-organisation. "Regaining the formula" is an essential step in determining where to go to.

Knowing where to go makes it possible to assess what the gap is with current leadership and operations. The changing of the organisation whilst taking advantage in doing so is our mission for our clients.

The performance of organisations gradually deteriorates over time. Focus blurs or management becomes ill and allows the organisation to follow suit.

"Regaining the Formula" is a diagnostic service followed by a strategic analysis and coaching period to determine the right strategy for your unit or organisation.

Understanding where you want to go you can then determine what to do to fix this. When an organisation falters, the management needs strengthening. A small team of business coaches can help diagnose the deficiency and determine with you the remediation path.

"Taking advantage Through Change" is the follow up step to empower management to determine the steps and embark on the journey to organisational strength and health. Change is ever present; the right way to lead change and unleash the powers of self-organisation inside your organisation needs often coaching and support.

Interim Management
One way to implement new directions and changes needed in your organisation is to ask an interim manager experienced with the required expertise and experience for a limited period of time. For mid sized organisations typically 3 to 9 months are required to implement a stable, new environment. Assignments may take more time to complete and often further coaching may be required at a part time basis after the interim phase.
Management Consulting
Many organisations want to provide leadership in all situations from the inside and not by external parties. That is fine too. The management of the organisation can be supported by consultative management support.

These assignments may take from 2 weeks to 2 years involving part time presence of an experienced management consultant.