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UMG Unirobe Meeùs Groep

To whom it may concern



The joining of the ICT departments was part of the merger between Unirobe and Meeùs. This entailed the merging of locations, personnel, applications and work processes. For the new ICT department the work processes needed to be professionally designed and implemented.

Boer & Croon was asked for the designing of the work processes, the setup of the governance and the creation of the implementation plan. The plan was built around market standards like CMM, COBIT, ITIL and the Code for Information Security.

UMG has clearly benefitted from the vision of Boer & Croon in scoping the entire value chain and not to see ICT as a standalone organization. This is reflected in the integrated way in which Boer & Croon designed the work processes for UMG ICT. The consultants of Boer & Croon managed to build the bridge between the various elements of the value chain. They optimized the processes and services of the various organizational units looking at the bigger picture.

Gerard was added as project leader to the project team at a later stage. After his arrival the project was directed in a better way, there was more focus and more speed. Gerard is very knowledgeable and thus was of great added value for this project. Therefore, I want to recommend him to other organizations facing similar challenges.

Yours faithfully,


Gertjan Beijer

Director UMG ICT BV

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Nederlandse Spoorwegen

Rein van der Leeuw - Director Program Office OV-Chipcard NSUtrecht, July 2008

Statement of Satisfaction To whom it may concern

NS has embarked upon the introduction of the Chipcard project since the beginning of this decade. The Chipcard project is essentially a complex program involving the introduction of innovative travel and loyalty products and services supported by a nationally available electronic travel and payment chipcard.

The introduction of such a technical and commercial phenomenon in all major public transport companies is a gigantic operation. The management of the program in Dutch National Railways (NS) is under the leadership of a program office. Since 2007 a change in setup was needed to make the program more effective.

NS asked Gerard Otten to support the changeover of program management into a new style, such that control over the entire effective delivery throughout the NS organization could be achieved in an orderly manner. Alignment to sharpened goals and to an agreed life cycle of requirements planning to delivery took place.

Gerard subsequently participated in several special projects to create new intra NS and extra NS alignment (with TLS and other PTO’s), breakthrough results and innovative international contacts.

We have experienced Gerard delivering results and demonstrating consistent and productive behaviour in support of the objectives of the new program office. His energy and drive have helped us to create a program office better suitable for the task of implementing OV Chipcard in The Netherlands for NS.

Rein van der Leeuw

Director program office OV-Chipcard NS

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Heerhugowaard, April 2007Jeroen Meier - Managing Director Freelift

Re: Statement of satisfaction To Whom It May Concern:

At the end of 2006 Freelift embarked upon a process to strengthen their strategy and make appropriate choices for their products, their markets and their sales channels. To support that process Gerard Otten was requested to analyse together with marketing, sales and R&D production management options and present results for decision making.

During a very brief and intense preparation together with Freelift staff, Gerard presented clear options for decision making. Choices were made and subsequently executed leading to a successful development of Freelift nationally and internationally.

In our dealings with Mr. Often we have experienced him as a professional businessperson handling with great integrity at the same time allowing Freelift groups to work together stimulate Freelift management to make necessary choices.


Jeroen Meier

Managing Director Freelift

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Doetinchem, 30 januari 2008Remko ten Brinke - Manager Marketing and Sales Syntus

To Whom It May Concern:

Syntus started to implement the Chipcard in their public transport concessions. This Chipcard project is a very complex project and contains many issues with a strong external focus and many other problems associated with starting something big and hairy. We asked Gerard Otten for helping us with building a new tariff system and travel propositions for the new Chipcard era. This new era is completely different from the recent era with a differentiated national tariff system based on products and tariffs of the national railways, as well as a tariff system based on zones.

Syntus found Gerard's added value in his systematic thinking and his expertise on the subject partly based on projects at other companies. His clear and strong vision about renewing the tariff system helped us in building a coherent vision and strategy that we could share with our public transport authorities. The result is a new well thought tariff system, providing many advantages for customers, employees and organisation.


Remko ten Brinke

Manager Marketing and Sales Syntus

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Delta Lloyd Life in Belgium
The Delta Lloyd Life TrainThe project: "Define and accompany us on a journey to a merger. Recognise business issues but leave the decisions to existing management in the various units."

This question was the starting point of the engagement.

Luc Vancamp signing a contract"To whom it may concern:
In the past 12 months Delta Lloyd have embarked upon a programme to merge and integrate the business processes and the organisational structure of Ohra Belgium, CGNU Belgium and Norwich Union Belgium. To ensure successful completion of this programme Mr Gerard Otten was requested to manage progress and assist the 3 CEOīs and their management teams during two specific projects.

The first project was to create a joint business plan containing, mission, vision for the new group and presenting the major decisions on products, markets and business approach. This plan was presented to the Delta Lloyd Board in Amsterdam. Gerard assisted during this process by helping the structuring and the supporting of the project; guiding the working groups in their tasks and supporting the writing of the resulting business plan itself.Luc Vancamp - Head only

The second project was to help implement the proposals in the business plan, by merging the three organisations, moving to a single office, converge to simpler and cost effective ICT solutions. Gerard assisted during this process by helping setting up the program management bureau, challenging the service concepts and supporting the HR director in making staffing proposals from the three groups into a single Delta Lloyd Life Belgium organisation.

In our dealings with Mr. Otten we have experienced him as a professional businessperson handling with great integrity at the same time allowing Delta Lloyd and the constituent groups to work together as partners in the process."

Luc Vancamp – CEO

University of Amsterdam / MultimediaN
Arnold Smeulders - working with papers"The University of Amsterdam, along with CWI, Delft Technical University, and TNO has formed in the last year a consortium in the process of applying for a grant for the development of multimedia in the Netherlands. The University of Twente, Telematics Institute and Philips Electronics BV later joined them. In addition, some 35 more businesses and institutions have joined in the consortium, among others IBM, CMG, AKZO, Ilse, Satama, Dutch Forensic Institute, small and medium sized enterprises, national archives and so on.

In the last five months leading up to the deadline this consortium has been supported and led by Gerard Otten. His assignment was to do whatever was necessary to submit the proposal on time, and to guide the process of the newly acquainted partners to make the application and the subsequent execution of the application successful. Upon submittal, the budget of the proposal is 72 MEuro, 31 MEuro of which is requested funding and the remaining 41 Meuro committed by the above partners and associates in the consortium.

In the steering committee, Gerard Otten assumed primary responsibility for building the business. In addition, he was also responsible for the legal constructions including a foundation, a consortium agreement, arrangements for intellectual property rights and the legal proceeds as demanded by Dutch government.

Arnold Smeulders - Head onlyFurthermore, he was responsible for handling complex industrial accounts like IBM. With so many partners and given the size of the application as well as the sensitivity of almost all legal issues, Gerard Otten has done an excellent job to erect the foundation before the deadline of submission.

Amidst these dealings in an academic setting, I found him very suited for the job, truly professional, and equipped with the proper social talents and drive to fulfil his responsibility on time amidst representatives of the very diverse organizations of a public-private partnership."

Prof.Dr.Ir. Arnold W.M. Smeulders
Scientific director of MultimediaN, and
Professor of computer science, University of Amsterdam

Job Telling - Head only"To whom it may concern:
In the past 12 months we have initiated a project to improve the implementation of the financial information systems at Remu NV and all its constituent units and majority shareholding companies. For this project Gerard Otten was the project manager working with the CFO, the major project stakeholders and myself.

He advised on the project scoping, the staffing of the workgroups and initiated activities in Remu and in the suppliers to the press the project forward. We are satisfied with the results that included, reduction of systems errors, improved systems understanding of the major stakeholders, vastly improved management information helping us with merger and acquisition negotiations.

In our dealings with Mr. Otten we have experienced him as a professional businessperson handling with great integrity at the same time allowing Remu to remain in charge."

Drs. Job G. Telling CMA MBA
Concern Controller REMU

IBM Nederland N.V.
Bart Fehmers - waving his hands"To Whom It May Concern:
In July 2001 Gerard was hired as executive with IBM Nederland N.V. and was asked to take on the job to manage and improve the financial services sector of BIS (Business Innovation Services). BIS is the primary unit in IBM Global Services conducting business and IT consulting as well as implementing systems integration services. During the first 9 months Gerard restructured BIS Financial Services to intensify client focus and defined and refined financial offerings that were addressing the business issues in the financial markets nowadays. In the last months of his engagement Gerard concentrated on transferring his results to the standing IBM organisation.

The performance of BIS Financial Services exceeded quarter on quarter the targets and forecasts that were agreed for signings and revenue. At the end of this change program Gerard is taking up new initiatives and we have enjoyed Gerardīs experience and skills for our business change engagement."

Yours truly,

Bart Fehmers

Country General Manager
IBM Nederland N.V.

Police Rotterdam Rijnmond
Theo Brekelmans - papa fume une pipe"To Whom It May Concern:

Gerard Otten has been involved in several projects within the police services where Gerard and I worked together.

The first time we worked together was during a period from 1991 to 1994 on a national project aiming at the multiculturalisation of the police force in The Netherlands; Gerard advised us in the field of project-management and adapting and redesigning several business processes; e.g. the process of recruitment and selection of multicultural personnel.

In 1993 Gerard was involved in developing the first ever business plan for Division no.1 of the Rotterdam police; bear in mind that in those days the police was not used to business plans at all. The results were not limited to just an accepted plan, but also included the improvement of service delivery and – even more importantly – a different more businesslike mindset of the management team involved."

Theo Brekelmans
Superintendent Centre District – Rotterdam Rijnmond

Police Rotterdam Rijnmond
Theo Brekelmans - Head only(continued ...)

From 1994-1995 Gerard was involved as a consultant in re-engineering the processes within the Regional Operational Support Unit of the Regional Police Rotterdam-Rijnmond. The active participation of dozens of key-persons from that unit as well as key participants of the "clients" made this a unique process. We created a vision, a mission and business goals and we redesigned the organisational structure and many business processes. Amongst many results the performance improved and the efficiency increased significantly.

Having worked with Gerard Otten for a long period of time, it is my strong belief that the effectiveness of his consultancy activities is based on the following elements:


  • His broad skills and knowledge in the field of organisational change and development, redesigning processes, information and ICT;
  • His social skills to effectively balance in between taking part in a team on one hand and the added value of an independent consultant on the other hand;
  • His multi focus approach on analyses and solutions: organisational structures, business processes, information management, staff motivation, client needs etc;
  • His contribution to the empowerment of organisational learning.

Theo Brekelmans
Assistant Chief Constable
Managing Director of the Netherlands National Training Institute for Public Order and Security.

Police Amsterdam Amstelland
Bernard Welten in actionTo Whom It May Concern: 

A few years ago I worked as deputy chief of police of Amsterdam. In that capacity I managed many projects and worked for several years with Gerard Otten on several projects amongst which the following two. With pleasure I document my experiences in working with Gerard.

The first project was a project introducing a large contingent of multicultural, minority policemen and policewomen into the Dutch police force, mainly for our big cities. This project had been lingering for many years without tangible results before I took over. I asked Gerard to assist me with the project managing this countrywide project. Gerard closely worked together in performing the many tasks of understanding the problem, appropriating tasks to work teams, providing coaching and training on the job and managing progress. We investigated alternative scenarios for candidate selection, recruitment, training and education and the introduction of new police officers of foreign cultures into the police force and the effect on the Dutch population. 

Drs. Bernard J.A.M. Welten
Assistant Chief Constable Centrale Recherche - Amsterdam Amstelland

Police Amsterdam Amstelland
Bernard Welten(continued ...)

The second large project I asked Gerard to help with was the organisational and the business re-engineering of the management and the business processes of the central forensic department in the municipal police force of Amsterdam. The plans of what to achieve and how to do it were conceived of in about half a year based on earlier material and implementation took place over several years. My superior police management, political town management and involved personnel have accepted and agreed the plans.

In my working with Gerard I have observed that he is analytical and broad in his thinking, straightforward and open in his communication and knowledgeable and alert in his mind.

Drs. Bernard J.A.M. Welten
Assistant Chief Constable Centrale Recherche - Amsterdam Amstelland



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